Kenwood’s Artist Enclave District

Kenwood’s Artist Enclave District

Aside from its year-round sunshine and white sand beaches, Saint Petersburg is known for is its flourishing art scene. In fact, the quaint city offers several world-class museums including recently opened Imagine Museum and James Museum of Wildlife and Western Art. There are also multitudes of galleries around town, featuring workshops and local art walks and events. There’s even a city-sponsored residential district created to support these local artists — the Warehouse Arts District! However, there is one addition to the St. Pete art scene that is unlike any other — the Artist Enclave  District in Historic Kenwood.

Since its creation in 2014, Kenwood’s Artist Enclave designation has been one of the biggest draws to living in the neighborhood. The mix of businesses that support the cultural, performing, and visual arts is designed to support local artists by allowing them to create, produce, and distribute their art. Many of the older homes have detached garages and other out buildings that have been renovated to make way for painting and ceramic studios, dance floors, and creative spaces where these artists can work.

The Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood is designed as part of the larger neighborhood association, the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood Association (HKNA). The Artist Enclave members are an active part of the community, with several members of the enclave also serving in various roles in the HKNA. The neighborhood also supports monthly art walk studio tours, where visitors from around town and out of town guests can stroll the sidewalks, take in the array of bungalow homes and visit the artists in their studios.

Inside the ‘Clave

Requirements for a Artist Enclave membership are as follows:

  • The type of art must fall into one of the following categories: fine art, craft art, design, photography, filmmaking, musical, literary, or performing art.
  • The $10 annual fee allows members to participate in monthly art walks and studio tours, be featured in the neighborhood newsletter, and have access to all Artist Enclave marketing, including brochures and websites.
  • Membership will also allow you to participate in the larger Historic Kenwood events like Pinot in the Park and BungalowFest.

When you live and work in Kenwood and choose to be apart of the Artist Enclave, you are also identifying yourself as a professional in your craft. By designating your home, you are permitted up to four by-appointment only visits from prospective clients, per day. You may also offer classes in your home studio of up to 4 students at a time.

If you live in the neighborhood but do not participate in Artist Enclave, worry not, as this does not negatively impact your property (concerning taxes, utility rates, or insurance). In fact, the hope is that the designation allows the neighborhood to grow and flourish, bringing in visitors and admirers, and putting Historic Kenwood and the Saint Petersburg art scene on the map.

If you are an artist, professional or aspiring, and thinking about buying a home, Historic Kenwood may be the perfect choice for you. If you fancy yourself an appreciator of art and enjoy being surrounded by creative people and an active community, then this neighborhood may be a great place to be. Even if you don’t create art, you can still take part in the monthly studio tours, enjoy the art at local shops and galleries, and even sponsor the artists and Artist Enclave through a donation.

At Maison Manor, we specialize in vintage and classic homes that infiltrate St. Petersburg’s Historic Kenwood neighborhood. We would be thrilled to help you find your next home (which may also even double as your new art studio!)  




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